Sunday, March 2, 2014

Life and Things

There have been a few changes in my life recently and I thought I would fill you in on a couple of them. Mostly they are good. One was just scary. Here we go!

This week I start my fourth week as a new store manager.  Yes, my persistence and hard work has finally paid off. My district manager is the one who hired me almost two years ago as the commercial driver for the store he managed at the time. It helps that he knows me and is willing to help me learn as much as I can. He’s been a big help for me.

As usual, there is always a catch to beginning a new part of your life and mine has been no exception. First of all, I’m driving 150 miles every day. That is not so much fun. I am looking for a place over there but that has been slow too. Hopefully I will find something soon.

That brings us to the most traumatic incident of my new managerial position so far. Yes, I was on my way to work two weeks ago tomorrow along I90 and found a problem. We had a serious storm going on at the time and the road was rather patchy with ice. I had been slowing down more and more the entire way over there due to the road conditions. As I came up on a small crest in the road, my 4Runner was hit by a gust of wind and sent the back end of it sliding sideways. I couldn’t catch it.

I rolled my car. Yes, I rolled my car. Let’s not forget about the fact that I’ve only had it for a few months. Both right side doors and the right side fender are toast. The glass in the front passenger door is gone too. That actually isn’t the worst of it. The roof is wrinkled and it is leaking around the sun roof. It is fixable, but oh my pretty car!

Before you ask, I am fine. I was wearing my seat belt and didn’t get a scratch on me. Of course I’m still sore because our bodies are not designed to be jerked around like that, but nothing was broken and I climbed out of it on my own steam. Score for me!

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