Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Posting on Facebook About Food

What is with everyone posting about food every day, all day on Facebook? Yes, this may turn into a rant. Grab your butts and hang on.

Why do you ask that I ask? Because I have to worry about diabetes and cholesterol, that’s why! Yes, my friends, yours truly has to be careful of EVERYTHING she eats because I was blessed by my parents with the double whammy. One side has heart disease and the other has diabetes. (Why didn’t they check their family history before I was begat?)

What it means for me is a complete lifestyle change. It means diet changes on every aspect. For the cholesterol issues, I have to watch anything with red meat and starch, and for the diabetes it’s anything with carbs. What does that leave me to eat? Not much!

And then I pull up Facebook just to see biscuits, gravy, and cherry cheesecake today. FROM PEOPLE I KNOW ARE DIABETIC!!! So why do I see these foods on their pages? Okay, so it’s their business.

For my own life, I am doing well with my own numbers. My A1C was 5.1 although I am trying to make it lower. My cholesterol numbers are a little high but not shockingly so. I am on medication and through diet I have been able to lose over 40 pounds, lose 4 jean sizes, and feel good. Why? Because I’m not ready to keel over tomorrow. Yeah, it’s that simple.

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