Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Bet You Thought You Wouldn't See This Again

I finally took some photos. Yes, I'm sure anyone still reading this blog is just shocked. I know I am. I've been rather overwhelmed but I wanted to share what I've seen the last few weeks.

The first one was taken at a rather substantial distance. That explains how fuzzy it is. but seeing this one in an area anywhere close to see one means that spring may be near.  
  photo 8d2ae46c-3304-4b4a-8169-470dcbdba805_zpsced2cb58.jpg

This was also taken the same day. It was overcast but I can see open water.

 photo 4dadb234-bfa9-4ebb-87c9-5221945f2238_zps0546dfe5.jpg

I was lucky one day to find some sun. Although not great, the signs are here we might still see warm weather. Non-frozen water here is gold.

 photo cb328770-b80c-43c8-ba55-d785361c56ea_zpsb7936a14.jpg


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