Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Posting on Facebook About Food

What is with everyone posting about food every day, all day on Facebook? Yes, this may turn into a rant. Grab your butts and hang on.

Why do you ask that I ask? Because I have to worry about diabetes and cholesterol, that’s why! Yes, my friends, yours truly has to be careful of EVERYTHING she eats because I was blessed by my parents with the double whammy. One side has heart disease and the other has diabetes. (Why didn’t they check their family history before I was begat?)

What it means for me is a complete lifestyle change. It means diet changes on every aspect. For the cholesterol issues, I have to watch anything with red meat and starch, and for the diabetes it’s anything with carbs. What does that leave me to eat? Not much!

And then I pull up Facebook just to see biscuits, gravy, and cherry cheesecake today. FROM PEOPLE I KNOW ARE DIABETIC!!! So why do I see these foods on their pages? Okay, so it’s their business.

For my own life, I am doing well with my own numbers. My A1C was 5.1 although I am trying to make it lower. My cholesterol numbers are a little high but not shockingly so. I am on medication and through diet I have been able to lose over 40 pounds, lose 4 jean sizes, and feel good. Why? Because I’m not ready to keel over tomorrow. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Signs of Spring

Yes, there is still ice in the fish pond.

 photo 584df9c2-e73c-4968-ac69-178c69bebcee_zpsbe85c13b.jpg

But there are signs of spring with the tulips peeking through the ground!

 photo 440a3d12-7538-4ffa-a70a-c4078d4ce145_zps8868726d.jpg


Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Bet You Thought You Wouldn't See This Again

I finally took some photos. Yes, I'm sure anyone still reading this blog is just shocked. I know I am. I've been rather overwhelmed but I wanted to share what I've seen the last few weeks.

The first one was taken at a rather substantial distance. That explains how fuzzy it is. but seeing this one in an area anywhere close to see one means that spring may be near.  
  photo 8d2ae46c-3304-4b4a-8169-470dcbdba805_zpsced2cb58.jpg

This was also taken the same day. It was overcast but I can see open water.

 photo 4dadb234-bfa9-4ebb-87c9-5221945f2238_zps0546dfe5.jpg

I was lucky one day to find some sun. Although not great, the signs are here we might still see warm weather. Non-frozen water here is gold.

 photo cb328770-b80c-43c8-ba55-d785361c56ea_zpsb7936a14.jpg