Monday, November 26, 2012

The Trains Are Boarding!


I have been having a few issues getting out and taking photos because of weather or other events getting in the way. With Thanksgiving this last week, I ran out of time to do much of it. When I went out on Saturday, the sun was giving off some weird aura and nothing really came out right. Then the clouds came out and everything was gray. I guess it's a good thing I like black and white photography isn't it? Maybe next weekend I can get some better photos. Wish me luck on that.

What are you all going to do this week? I'm going to try to keep up with the little photo hop that Dazee at Crazy Daze and Night Dreams host every week.  Grab the button below, make a post and link up with us. You really should. This week's categories are "Family Event" and "Your Choice". Just give it a shot. Okay?


In the meantime, link up with Jen, at The Survival Mama, and Shellie, at Shellie Sakai, and me, for the ride of your life.


Tuesday Train

Twitter Train

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