Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Spy - Family Event


I hope you all are finding some great shots for the categories we have for you. I know I've been having to think about them a little harder. Oh well, I know you all will do better than me this week. My brain just isn't on photos this week. Why? I don't know. It's just one of those weeks. In the meantime, I think you should join Dazee at Crazy Daze and Night Dreams and me for some blogging fun.

Next week's categories are "Ridiculous" and "Your Choice". You know you want to join. Don't shy away. Just follow your heart. Here are my interpretations this week.

Family Event

I had a hard time figuring this one out. Did I want to use archived photos or did I want to share the last family get together with those I hadn't seen for a while. I chose to show my brothers, mom, sister, and nieces.

November-2012-009Your Choice

I went for a drive last Saturday and found a park I didn't know about. What I found rather amusing was that all these cabins were ready for a flood.


Come on! you know you want to!!! Photobucket

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