Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another Hunt is Upon Us

Another hunt is on! I can't believe it. But I actually have some photos to share. I know you're shocked but never fear, the world will not come to an end. So jump in on the hunt with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos for the real fun with photos.


The old tree has adapted to laying on the ground. Nature at it's best.


Vintage or Retro

While traipsing around the countryside I found an old shed that had these vintage horse trophies exposed to the elements through the wall of the shed.



This is rather whimsical to me anyway. The light shining through the trees was kind of cool.



When I see houses like this, I think about all the cooking that was done in the kitchen. That's where all the family gathered and life was lived.


Week's Best

They just lined up for the shot. Who could ask for more?


Next week's categories can be found here...

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