Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Spy - Change

Hello everyone! This edition starts off a second year of I Spy and we still have our loyal participants. It's so cool that after this whole year, we still have people who find it fun. We aren't big, but we do enjoy everyone's photos. I hope you're having fun looking at all the photos we have taken, and posted, 'cause we sure have been.

Speaking of we, Dazee of Crazy Daze and Night Dreams, are having fun trying to come up with new categories. We are good for a while but we may be looking for more suggestions soon. We would love to hear yours. So here we go for this week!

Next week's categories are "Circles" and "Your Choice".


You can always tell the season is changing when the pumpkins start being sold at a roadside  stand.


And this is a bush that is green all summer until we start getting cooler nights. Then it turns this beautiful red color that is just stunning.


Your Choice

This guy was a little ways from me when I took this so it isn't a great shot. But I love it when a bird at least gives me a shot at a shot. LOL!



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