Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's My Birthday!!! And I'm 50!!!

Yes you read correctly. I am 50 years old today. Can you believe it? Yesterday I was having my kids and now they have their own kids. It's okay because I have EARNED EVERY SINGLE YEAR OF THAT 50!!! Every line on my face, every gray hair, and every scar I have on my body is something I earned. So I'm happy with 50. And since I love photos, let me share some that I've taken.

I didn't link up with Scavenger Hunt Sunday this last week because I had no photos to share for the categories. But one category is a fun one for me. It's called Monochromatic. The gist of it is this. There are shades of the same color. Since I'm a HUGE FAN of black and white, it's a great category for me. The trick is to get the shot without altering the color in a photo program. So here are some I managed to do only using the crop feature.

We had a serious fog one morning about a week ago. I hadn't seen one quite so thick. This was taken near my house and I didn't crop this one.


This one was taken on Labor Day. We were rained on while out on a sandbar. When it gets cloudy in the Upper Midwest, it really is gray. Also not a cropped shot.


And that's the grill on Labor Day. It really is gray.


Now everyone have a great day for me! I'll be at work.


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