Monday, August 13, 2012

Tuesday and Twitter Trains!


It's another week and another Train ride is upon us. I've noticed that someone has deserted me lately. Actually two. I think I'm losing my edge. I seriously need to write a few posts instead of just sharing my photos and riding the train. I'm not sure why but for months now it's been really hard to find something to write about. I never thought that would happen with me but writer's block seems to have found a way to worm its way into my mad mind and stop anything but the two hops I do consistently every week. I guess I just need some inspiration. We'll see if I can find some this week. Wish me luck. In the meantime, board the train and join the party!

Come on! Link up with me, Shellie at Shellie Sakai, and Jen at The Survival Mama for the train ride. You know you love it and we're boarding now!

I know that some of you love to take photos as much as I do. Now Dazee, at Crazy Daze and Night Dreams, is my awesome, funny, and super co-host on a photo hop with me on Thursdays. I think you should link up with us and share the love. We sure do love it. Grab the button and show us what you see behind your lens. This week's categories are "Plants and "Your Choice"



Tuesday Train

Twitter Train

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