Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuesday and Twitter Trains Are Ready For Boarding!


Hey! Hey! Hey! How are you all doing this week? I can tell I'm ready for fall. I am so past the long drug out summer. I'm ready to start shooting some fall colors and cooler days. I'm not a fan of heat and humidity. The problem has been that it all started early this year. We had a very mild winter last year. That causes other issues like some things don't die. Allergies have been horrible this summer for me and my daughter. Maybe we will have some bone chilling cold for a little while this year and we can have a better summer next year. Keep your fingers crossed for that.

In the meantime, link up with me, Shellie at Shellie Sakai, and Jen at The Survival Mama for the train ride. You know you love it and we're boarding now!

Now on to the next big thing in blogging. I know that some of you love to take photos as much as I do. Dazee, at Crazy Daze and Night Dreams, is my awesome, funny, and super co-host on a photo hop with me on Thursdays we call I Spy. I think you should link up with us and share the love. We sure do love it. Grab the button and show us what you see behind your lens. This week's categories are "Heat" and "Your Choice"



Tuesday Train

Twitter Train

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