Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Spy - Water


Not a lot has been going on this week. So I don't have much to tell anyone. I'm still having car problems but that will, hopefully, be solved soon. It sure would be nice. So for now, I expect all of you to link up with Dazee and me for the oh-so-fabulous I Spy photo sharing hop that you know you want to do. So link up with me and Dazee at Crazy Daze and Night Dreams to have the most fun you can while sharing your photos. Come on! I know you want to.

Next week's categories are "Heat" and "Your Choice". I DARE YOU!!! Now to my entries!


Last weekend my family, along with a few extras like my daughter's in laws, took the houseboat out and beached it on one of the sand bars on the Mississippi River. It was really the first time we were able to take Maddy with us. You see, Paige was still very scared of dogs before this year and we didn't take Maddy because it would have caused issues. Well Maddy had so much fun, she was worn out soon after we beached.


And this is a photo of the ugly houseboat. Supposedly the color is salmon. It looks pink to me.


And here's the view from the top.


Your Choice

I had several I could choose from but Maddy was so funny that she took most of the honors.


And then there's the interaction between Paige and Maddy. Paige had been playing fetch, (yes my daughter was treating her like a, and Paige decided to get Maddy in on the act.



Now you know you want to join this kind of fun so let's see what you have!

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