Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Spy - Eye Candy


This week was a bit weird for photos. I've been getting home late almost every night and I've been so swamped I've been too tired to get out and take too many but I did find a few last weekend and they fit right in with the category this week. Yay for me! Now link up with Dazee at Crazy Daze and Night Dreams to have the most fun you can while sharing your photos. Come on! I know you want to.
Next week's categories are "Favorite Food" and "Your Choice". I DARE YOU!!! Now to my entries!

Eye Candy

This may sound a little odd, but my idea of eye candy has more to do with old, rusty cars than drop dead gorgeous men. I know, that just doesn't sound right but it is me. So I'm sharing some hood ornaments from a couple of old cars I found. The first one is off of a Chevy Bel Air and the second one is from a Pontiac Silver Streak.



Your Choice

I went through Riverside Park the other day and saw this rather odd sight. I large barge style boat that had traveled up the Mississippi from Tennessee and picked up river trash. It had tires, bicycles, trash bags, and rusted metal of all kinds. I like that idea.


Now come on! You know how to do this.


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