Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Spy - Opposing Patterns


The news I have is simple. So far, I'm loving my job. It's so nice working with all men. They have the same sense of humor I do and they don't hold back. It's been so long since I could throw it out and have it come back I almost forgot what it felt like. And they like me. I know! You're all shocked! I don't get too many accolades these days except for my loyal group that it's kind of nice. Now that has been addressed, let's get going with the hop!

I know you're all excited about this week's I Spy. Why wouldn't you be? Dazee and I are just happy that you like our photos. We just want to share. So here's your challenge. Get your camera out, or your camera phone, and start snapping. Then put those photos in a post, grab the button, and link up with us. Simple, right? So do it! Check out these and get ready to enter next week. The categories next week are Nostalgic and Your Choice.

Opposing Patterns

My favorite bridge, of course. This was taken during the winter when the river was still frozen.


I know it's hard to see, but there is an opposite pattern over the windows.


I love this bench. It's pretty cool.


Your Choice

Yeah some bug love! Of course they're covered in webs so I'm not sure it's all good.


And last Saturday was a Super Moon. This was the best I could do since the haze caused too many problems for a really clear shot.



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