Saturday, April 28, 2012

No New Scavenger Hunt

I normally do Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley but she had a family emergency this past week. You can find my post for that here. She is continuing the list from last week. You can find the linkup with Ashley here. In the meantime, I'm sharing some photos I took this last week. I love sides of buildings that are covered in vines. They make me think about English countrysides with old buildings there. April-2012-008 They let me get fairly close! I had to stand in the rain, my feet getting wet, hoping they would come a little closer, and standing as still as I could just to get them to look my way. Every time I moved, the one farthest out would start squawking at the top of his lungs. April-2012-054 This is one of the few remaining flowers in the Friendship Gardens left. We've had freezing temps for the last several nights in a row. It's taken away all the tulips that I photographed out there last week. It's just crazy weather. April-2012-016 As I said, I was in the rain taking all these shots. I love raindrops on leaves. They are cool. April-2012-014 Have a great day and enjoy a little spring!

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