Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Spy - Looking to the Left


Did everyone have a good week? Mine was better than last but still have things going on. Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready to get their Spring on. Yeah, I know. Corny. Deal with it.

Just join Dazee, at Crazy Daze and Night Dreams, and me to have some fun. What do you say? I really dare you to join in. You never know what your photos will show. You just might be a photo star. Now come on! Link up with us and share! Next week's categories are Architecture and Your Choice.

Looking to the Left

You all thought I would post a self portrait to prove I was really looking to my left. Ha! Not gonna happen. You'll just have to take my word for it.

This one was taken while I passed the street.


This one was taken when I stopped to talk to a friend who was having a bad time.


Your Choice

This was a new addition to the downtown area. At least I haven't seen it before.


You know you want to link up so do it!

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