Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Economic Realities

I’m at a crossroads today. My unemployment benefits are done and I haven’t been able to find employment. Since I’m someone who is looking, I have some ideas of why no one wants to hire me.

First of all, there is the fact that I’ve only worked sporadically since I got married. There were many reasons why it was difficult for me to work, but those of you who have paid for daycare have a clue. When my oldest was not quite two, I had twin boys. Because of the problems I’d had with my first pregnancy, I was considered high risk and I couldn’t have worked. Yes, doctor’s orders. Then there was another surprise.

I was pregnant again. This time I had placenta previa and was hospitalized several times during that pregnancy and had to have an emergency cesarean. I’m thinking I was being told I better stop having kids. That was taken care of.

For the next sixteen years I had a baby in the house. My youngest had several health issues that caused several hospitalizations, a tumor that resulted in several surgeries, and ultimately took her away from me. She was a difficult child to find daycare for, let alone pay for all the kids at different times. So, until 2004, I mostly stayed home with her and worked occasionally.

That doesn’t always translate well when looking for employment. From September of 2005 until December of 2009, I did work at different places steadily. Then I was fired. It was a call center for a cell phone company. I had never worked in one. I spent the next six months applying everywhere under the sun and tool the first job that was offered. It was another call center. Lack of sales quota ended my job there. I have been unemployed and looking ever since. It’s been almost a year.

Can you imagine what an employer thinks when he looks at my resume? She doesn’t have much experience. She’s almost 50. She hasn’t had a great work history. How much can she really do at her age? There are other factors I can’t talk about here, but there are other factors. In other words, there is a lot going against me.

People who aren’t looking for work don’t really understand the reality of the situation. I’ve been told I’m not looking hard enough and I should take what’s offered. Nothing has been offered so I can’t just take it.

The bottom line is this. I NEED A JOB!!!



Tigertamer said...

I am sorry but understand as I haven't worked alot recently due to health issues as well...I was very fortunate when this job landed and called me.

Do you have your resume on Monster JObs? this is how this place I am at now found me.

Good luck!!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Also the recession must have something to do with it too. I know a great many women of a certain age who are finding it hard to find work. Try not to take it personally. It's tough out there. Good luck.

Nicole Pyles said...

Yikes I can relate! I'm unemployed as well and the economy is in the toilette! How long have you been blogging? Maybe put that on your resume! I have and it's gotten me attention for some entry level marketing jobs! Albeit, I'm still unemployed, but you never know!

Ange said...

I am having the same issue. I have not worked since 2008 when Jason went back into the military we we started moving all the fricken time and Alex's health has not been consistant. It's only four years later and the first red flag they see is that I have not worked.

I am praying that you find the perfect job!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm attacking unemployment like I do everything else. When the right one comes along, it will present itself. I am hoping and praying that you will find the one that will help you get a start on your life.

I do like the idea about putting that you blog on your resume. My daughter also suggested that I put that I've always been the company "mom". The one that everyone brings their problem to.

Red Brick said...

Its hell do you want a job or career. I have a job not a career. Want one of the jobs I have ? lots of these around. I am on the horizon now looking at retirement. I will probably go to work in another job for at least until the youngest one has left the house. I know finding a job is tough, hell I have a college degree and its still hell. I have learned to lower my standards and have been far more satisfied. Keep looking and try to find some flexibility and I am sure you will find a job that can satisfy your needs for awhile. If I can do it then I am convinced anyone can.

UM said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your job troubles, but you are not alone, so many people are out of work or working in a craptastic job. And I hate it when people who have not/are not/have never been in your situation try to tell you how if you would "just" do whatever you could have their fabulous life.


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