Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I know you are all waiting to get going for Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I got lucky and managed to get all the shots in one day. Until that day, I had no idea what to do.


Yes, that's my car. And, yes, at the ripe old age of 49, I still climb over trees so I can get the shots. So you can say I crossed the tree.


A Glimpse

It is so hard to get a good shot of these guys you are lucky to get a glimpse before they are gone.



You can see "Paige" in there right? Well she IS only 3.



Outside of family, my bliss is photographing trains at any angle. Even from the ground.



This one could qualify for SOOC. I didn't touch it so you could see the real color. Do you see how gray it is in the background? When it warms up here in the winter, we get nothing but gray.


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