Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Frackin' Friday!

She's doing it again. Yes, Dazee from Crazy Daze and Night Dreams. wants us to rant and rave and share all over the web. (If you ask me that's all she does. Oh dear, she may read this.) Anydazee, you should give this a try. It's very refreshing to let out your frustrations in a controlled environment. Well, semi-controlled.......well......not very controlled.....well, not controlled at all. Just link up!

Have we had enough of the Whitney Houston saga yet? Apparently, the media thinks we haven't. Get over it for crying out loud! Let her and her family rest in peace!

For other drivers out there, you just need to get out of my way! Driving 10mph under the speed limit on major roads is not my cup of tea. That only happens when I'm in a park. Then it's ok to drive slower. I can take in the sights and find possible photographic opportunities. That is not allowed on major roads!!!

I'm really tired of people talking about the weather. It's been too warm for me. I mean really! How am I supposed to have a break from these allergies when NOTHING DIES!!!

Okay it's your turn! Link up and let's hear what's bugging you.

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