Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Spy - Shadows


So who is ready for I Spy? I know I am! It is co-hosted by my fabulous partner in crime, Dazee, of Crazy Daze and Night Dreams. Did someone say it was illegal? Okay, maybe it isn't. I'll have to check that. In the meantime, get your camera out, snap, and link up.

There are no real rules. You can pull your photos from your archives, take them with your phone, or wherever you have photos. We just want them to be your photos. Now sit back and enjoy the browsing. Next week's categories are Frozen) and Your Choice.

So what has everyone been doing this week? I've been pretty much not taking photos. Why? Because everything else seems to get in the way. And we've had a lot of gray. I'm tired of taking photos that are nothing but gray. What about you?

Here are my interpretations for the week. What do you have for us?


I love shadows in photography. They give such texture, and sometimes mystery, to a shot. What do you think about shadows?



And just for fun, the nightlight in the bathroom.


Your Choice

Does anyone see the irony here? Our temps have been so far above normal we have green plants that are not pine trees! And it snowed on them!


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