Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Are you ready for some photo hopping fun? Of course you are! Link up with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos and start having that fun!

Stacked Up

I have stacked up some old windows for some projects I want to do. I don't like cookie cutter frames and found that old house windows can make great frames. These came from a house built in 1923 and is Craftsman style. There are leaded glass windows in this stack. I've used old windows before in a project that I did for Christmas this past year. You can see those here..... I think they came out pretty cool. They were for my kids.

Winter Wonderland

I could not make a choice of one. We really hadn't had any snow this year until this last week. My inner child was so happy to see this.


Leftover Kisses from Christmas!


Yes, it's a hole in my jeans. Heavens to Mergatroid!


The ice is here. We can see more and more ice fishermen sitting on buckets in the middle of an open area.

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  1. lovely as always. Even tho there is snow. Yikes

  2. What a treat to have leftover Kisses from Christmas! We love Kisses at our house. :)

    I really like that shot of the frozen river.

  3. Am loving your snowy and frozen shots - please send some of the weather over to the UK as we haven't had any wintry weather at all!

  4. I LOVe your snowy shots! Soooo jealous. We've gotten no white stuff yet!

  5. Great shots, especially the last one, Frozen!

  6. Great the leftover kisses!

  7. Your winter wonderland pictures are gorgeous! And nothing sweeter than hershey kisses!

  8. Leftover kisses from Christmas that would never happen in my Love your winter wonderland

  9. My inner child was happy to see your winter wonderland shots, too, the first one especially. So pretty!! Loved your "hole" shot, too. :)

  10. Love your winter wonderland shots - so lovely.

  11. Oh my, that first winter wonderland shot is so beautiful. Well done!