Sunday, January 8, 2012

Are Blog Hops Dead?

I sure hope not. I just haven’t seen as many as I used to when I was a newbie at blogging. So I went on a hunt to see what was out there. And it’s difficult to find many. You can’t just Google them. Half the time I came up with only a few still current.

So what happens to blog hops? Do they run their course or do the hosts just give up? I think it’s a little of both.

Most of us get into the hops to expand our followers. I know I did when I first started. I also know that as I became more comfortable with my own writing and found my voice, I felt the need to join those hops less and less each week. I was also finding more specialized hops.

There are those who do reviews and giveaways with hops for other blogs who do the same. There are also those specifically for mommy blogs or faith-based blogs. I have seen a couple of book hops and photo hops. I’ve seen some that last a week, a month, or just a day. I love these because it gives us a chance to find similar blogs that we can truly enjoy.

For those of you who like to join the hops, here are a couple I think you should join in. Of course I’m touting my own! Did you honestly think I wouldn’t? Come on!

The first begins tonight at 8PM Central and is called the Tuesday Train. It is hosted by yours truly and the magnificent Survival Mama. Grab the button and link up tonight.


The other hop is called I Spy and is a photo hop. My super co-host is Dazee of Crazy Daze and Night Dreams. She is hilarious and no one should miss her. This hop opens up at 9PM Central on Wednesday evenings and runs through Monday the following week. This week’s categories are “Remembrance(s)” and “Your Choice”. What do you see through your lens?


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  1. Love the post I find myself going to all sorts of hops....but mostly I write what I want to write about..
    but then again if they were all gone, there would be no more train and I spy.

    Love these 2 hops