Saturday, December 10, 2011

We All Have a Petty Person in Us

Oh yes…we do. I’ll bet even Mother Theresa had spurious thoughts about those around her. Can’t you hear what she may have thought about the rich jerks that didn’t help the world’s poor? One might be, “They should rot in hell for their lack of compassion”. Yeah, I’m sure she would think that.

You see, we are all human. We may not voice everything we think, but we do think them. Mine are just as bad as some I’ve heard out loud. When someone does or says something that is absolutely uncalled for, I think what I would like to do or say to them.

Let’s say someone calls me lazy, stupid, fat, a horrible mother/grandmother, or an old hag. What do you think my first thought is? Mine goes to the lack of intelligence shown by resorting to name calling. It’s like listening to children on the playground who have never been taught how wrong that is. So I did have a thought about how much I think of that person’s intelligence. See? I told you so.

And don’t tell me you don’t have those same kinds of thoughts. Human beings will naturally defend themselves. Some of us just do it in our heads so we won’t show everyone how ridiculously petty we are. Why? Because we have self control that others do not.

I know when to be civil and show some decorum. Do you have class….and a stop button?


  1. ah hum. I think that I don't have that switch to turn off. ok, I do. I would never tho, hurt someone with words, unless they totally started it and then they had better watch out.

  2. When someone hits me with a straight-forward dis, my first instinct is to tell them to go Eff themselves. It's right there on the tip of my tongue, locked and loads. Although sometimes I throw a change up and tell them to blow me.

    Those are my initial impulses, yes. But I usually consider time, place, and audience. Sometimes I abort, other times, I go through with it... depends on the initial offense.