Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

What do you see through your lens? You should really link up and see what others interpretations of the categories are. Ashley at Ramblings and Photos has some fun ones. Come on and join the fun!

Less is More

I wasn't sure about this category but came up with a couple of things. The first is a Santa I've had for several years. I love his understated colors. He's more traditional colored. Now that I look at him a little closer, he looks a little like a Sasquatch.

And this was me playing with the settings on the camera. This is looking down the street from my house. I like that the main things you see are the lights and not much more.

Holiday Lights

I have a piece of Colorado driftwood that I decorate each year with garland and other types of decorations. This year I decided to add the poinsettia lights that I've also had for some time. It makes for a great night light.


This was given to me by friends for Amanda's last Christmas. It's been on the tree every year since.

Cup of Cheer

Yeah, I know the traditional is eggnog. Sorry, but Madagascar Vanilla Red is my cup of cheer.


This is the Nativity in the park.

And next week's categories are here.....


  1. I love your poinsettia lights, beautiful. And I have to agree with your assessment of your santa

  2. Even Sasquatch has to celebrate! :)
    All great shots but my favorite is the shot of the red mug!

  3. That tea sounds so good! Those poinsettia lights are gorgeous too!

  4. I had to laugh at the Santa/ funny...lovely photos:)

  5. I love that ornament. and I have to agree with you on the santa. but he's cute.