Thursday, December 22, 2011

No FUF, Just Fluff

Once again we are having a bit of a FUF break. Too many things going on to keep up with this no matter how much we love it. So be prepared on January 6th because we will be back with a roar.

I thought I would share some of my photos once again. Just to bother you with my endless photos of landscapes. Yeah I know. Let's get it over with.

These first two were taken in the same park I usually take refuge in. The day these were taken the water was so still that the reflections are almost perfect. I love days like that.

The train that normally sits at this location is orange in color. In fact, I haven't seen any that was another color until a couple of days ago when I took this.

These two photos were taken in a park called Pettibone. It's a really neat spot, it is just a lot busier than Goose Island. The first is a gazebo that's really cool and the other is of a tree that intrigues me. It is smooth and you can see it is not a living tree anymore. But there is a cut toward the base of it that could not have been made just be using a pen knife. Interesting!

This one is just for laughs. Just as I snapped, she had to lick her chops. Isn't she funny?

So I hope you all enjoyed these today. If you want to have some fun and go on a hop with me and my buddy, Dazee, of Crazy Daze and Night Dreams, check out our I Spy photo hop. This coming week's categories are "After Christmas" and "Your Choice". Grab the button below and hop along. It will go live at 9pm on Wednesday, December 28th and every Wednesday after that, same time. We would love to see your interpretations.



  1. I love the landscape shots, very beautiful.

    So is I Spy changing days or am I going mad? Actually I am going mad anyway. I keep seeing a blue bird fly around your page.

  2. LOVE LL Cool Joe's comment! lol.
    And that pic of the dog is amazing!You were on top of it to get that shot!

  3. Lovely photos. I wish we would get tons and tons and tons and tons of people linking up to I Spy. It would rock my world.