Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Project This Year

I always do a sentimental gift for my kids each Christmas. This year was no different. Sit back and enjoy the progress!

The first photo was before primer. The next two were post primer.

These are post paint. Trust me it was not fun. It was so humid I didn't think the paint would EVER dry!

And these are the finished products. Yes, I know they aren't perfect. I did repurpose the windows ya know! I think the kids liked them. The photos are of them when they were young.

Hope you all enjoyed my attempt at creating something. Most of the time it means a camera and lens not old windows. Oh well!


  1. I think they are so awesome. Makes me want to copy you. Of course, I would have to go on the hunt for some old windows, but wow, those were too cool.

  2. Quite an ambitious project there. It sure looks good though and, of course, was made with love.