Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Spy


I have so many decorations I had to decide which ones I was going to use this week. Let's see what you have and what your decorations are. I can't wait to see what everyone else is sharing with me and my buddy Dazee today. I know she's excited. We are having so much fun with this. So get your camera out and start snapping. We really want to see your vision.

Next week's categories are "Texture" and "Your Choice".

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These are my little snowflakes in the window!

Who doesn't need glitter on decorations?

I keep wondering which one this is because he obviously doesn't have a red nose.

Your Choice

I had to share this one because I thought it looked hilarious. I created a bokeh without meaning too!

I know I do a lot of landscapes but it was so quiet and peaceful the day I took this. It was snowing at the time but it's hard to see.


  1. I'm thinking that dude is Blitzen. Because, well, just because. All right. Gosh.

    I love the glitter bulb. Plus you already know how I feel about your landscape photos. well done.

  2. Love both of your decoartion and choice pictures great work.


  3. Damn I want some snow! Ok then when we have it, I'll be saying, I wish it would go away! I love your landscape shots!