Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Spy and Happy New Year!

After Christmas

This just shows there are more people that have gifts from my house. One of them came the day after Christmas since they were out of town.

This was just a small portion of the mess.

Also a small portion of the mess. Yikes!

I found this tiny hair clip in the bathroom. I'm pretty sure a little girl left it.

I included this photo for one reason. There are gifts here for two little ones who probably will not get them. The only way we can see them is if a certain person has my son's phone number and we do EXACTLY as she says. The bottom line is this. She is refusing to let anyone else see the kids. This is HER doing, not ours.

Your Choice

I have never included my son-in-law in the blog, but I have to say this about him. He is a wonderful, awesome, and absolutely great dad to my granddaughter. This photo tells a whole lot.

We would really like to see what you have to share. Next week's categories are "Project(s)" and "Your Choice". Have some fun with us!


  1. I love photo's of dads that you can see love their kids. And even tho your dishes "were supposedly" messy. I could have totally outdone you on that one. :)

  2. The SIL is certainly awesome. He's a Green Bay fan!! (:

    Glad you had a nice Christmas, even with that mess.

    We have 2 nieces none of us are allowed to see thanks to dear mommy. So I feel ya there.

  3. Love the son-in-laws shirt.

    Ok maybe that wasn't the right response. He looks like a cool Dad. I'm great one for promoting Dads because I think we often get a hard time, so thanks. :)

  4. Oh and Happy New Year!!

    I only wrote this as a separate comment so I can catch up with Dazee, coz I'm sure she really doesn't want to be known as the biggest mouth of all!

  5. That's so sad that she is going to make it that hard for the kids to get their presents.

    I was smart this year and did paper plates and plastic utensils.

    Your SIL is just adorable with his daughter. That is such a lovely photo of them.