Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Spy and Happy Holidays!!!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! How's everyone doing today? We are having fun this week. I hope everyone is getting ready for the upcoming festivities. I know I am. Dazee is all done with her Christmas shopping and I am so jealous about that. But then she is very organized. Much more than I am. (Don't tell her I said that).

Now you know there are no real rules with our little hop. You can take photos with your camera, phone, or pull them from the archives you have on 35mm. I know I have a "few" of those. Okay, I have a lot. So sue me! Anyways.......that's about it. We just want you to have fun and enjoy our photos while we enjoy yours.

Are you ready for the photos? Let's see yours! Here are mine!


Texture in nature can be found anywhere. This one was given to us by a beaver.

And believe it or not, this is the surface of a rock.

I love food, don't you? Texture can always be found in food.

And this one is just for fun. I added a little antique finish to it.

Your Choice

In keeping with the texture theme, I thought I would give you more texture. These were taken on an industrial street in town. A little gritty, but I like it.

Can you tell I love texture?

Next week's categories are "Lights" and "Your Choice". We can't wait to see you there.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the wall picture, absolutely stunning. I have been to sick this week to even look at much less pick up a camera. But I hope to have some good shots for next week.

  2. great shots. as always. That rock one is freaking awesome. and of course, I could dig into the food one.

  3. Love the rock one!!! cool beans
    and the one of the wall is awesome i love black and white and the sepia one.
    Great work


  4. thank you for stopping by :) I appreciate the support. I love taking photos and usually look down at them but don't all photographers?

    Hope your weekend is great and full of blessings