Thursday, December 15, 2011

FUF Update and The Great Candy Cane Caper

Many of you may be wondering why there is no Fawk You Friday for a few weeks. Well, Boobies has been having some issues that need to be taken care of and as we all know, family comes first above everything else. With this being an extremely busy time of year, I'm swamped just with school alone so we will return next year. Wow that sounds weird. Okay it’s only 3 weeks. January 6, 2012 to be exact. But it is technically next year.

So you get an off post from me. How fun, you say? I knew you would love it. Here it goes!

The Great Candy Cane Caper

It happened a long time ago, in a life far, far past. There was a little girl named Amanda. She loved Christmas so much her mama would put up the tree the day before Thanksgiving just so she could see the lights a little longer than most. It would be decorated with all the lights and ornaments her mom had to make it special. She even added something extra just for Amanda and her siblings. It was something they could take off the tree and enjoy. They were candy canes.

From the time those kids were little there were candy canes on the tree every Christmas. For many years, those candy canes would disappear from the bottom two feet of the tree. It was a mystery that endured for about two days. That was until Amanda’s mom walked around the corner.

You see, Amanda was unable to walk without assistance. The result was that she scooted on the floor a lot so she could move around the house on her own. She played hide and seek with her brothers and sister by hiding behind a chair. And she was able to do that all by herself. She was very proud of that. What she couldn’t do was reach very high because she couldn’t stand on her own and she was a tiny girl.

One day, Amanda’s mom was working in the kitchen and went to check on her. She had been playing with Georgie, the awesome Boxer girl, in the living room that held the tree. Although Amanda’s mom could see most of the living room from the kitchen, she could not see the tree because it was in the corner. After a couple of minutes, she poked her head around the corner and saw something rather interesting and very sweet.

Amanda was taking the candy canes from the tree as high as she could reach and she was stashing them under the chair that was closest to the tree. Her mom thought it was so cute, she didn’t interrupt her. Every year that Amanda was alive, her mom put candy canes on the tree just for her. Her last Christmas found her too weak to scoot over to the tree, so her brothers snitched them for her and gave her a bag she could “hide” them in. Her mom was so touched she has continued the tradition of candy canes on the tree to this day. Until this year, it was common knowledge that kids were taking them off the tree.

This year the candy canes started disappearing without explanation. Grandkids were not taking them without someone knowing they did. Amanda’s mom would find a candy cane on the floor next to the tree and be puzzled. She thought maybe Amanda’s brother was doing that and just not saying anything. Maybe he was trying to recreate the fun that Amanda provided. That was not the case, however. It was a mystery.

That was until a few days ago. Amanda’s mom was working in the kitchen and basement. It was the normal dishes and laundry chores. When she came around the corner, she saw a curious site. There was another little girl snitching candy canes from the bottom of the tree. And her name was……Maddy. She was nosing them off the tree and carrying them off. Amanda’s mom realized that the ones she had found on the floor was the result of a caper in progress. She had foiled the perpetrator. Here’s her mugshot….

So if you find some Twilight Zone moments in your life, embrace them. It might just be a loved one channeling a cherished moment through an unusual and unsuspecting accomplice. It might just be one of these two jokers who loved to have fun.


  1. Oh what a beautiful story. You got me all chocked up. I love all the photos.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Oh my I'm crying. What a lovely story. Cute photos, the one on the very bottom reminds me of my daughter.

  3. Oh what a GREAT story! LOVED it!!

    I have a Boxer...had another, but she's gone now 2 years :-( They are the BEST dogs with/for kids!!!

    (Found you via All Fooked Up)

  4. What a beautiful memory. Thanks for sharing. The photos are just wonderful.

  5. That was so awesome. I tend to believe that Amanda was there with Maddy.

  6. Awww that was beautiful and bitter sweet.