Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Does Anyone Read This Blog?

I mean really! I’m asking because I have one person who consistently comments. (That would be Dazee Dreamer for those of you who are wondering. She will not be offended by this post.)

The concern that I have is that I have become a blog with nothing to say. All I am doing these days is posting photos and leading a hop. When I do make posts that are talking about what’s going on, I really don’t get any feedback. This has been going on for some time so I can’t blame it on the time of year. It just seems like no one is listening.

I know I don’t comment as much and that could be part of the problem. If I’m not commenting, no one is looking at my blog. For someone with over 850 followers though, it seems odd that only a couple comment regularly. Okay so I’m complaining. I’ll knock it off now.

What do you think is the problem? Have I somehow become irrelevant?

1 comment:

  1. Of course we are reading!! :) Don't be discouraged. Sometimes I don't leave comments because I have nothing of use to say. lol. I feel weird saying, "So, true." or something like that. SO, I don't say anything. I'm reading though!! and liking! :)