Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There Are Certain Words

There are certain words that are rather abhorrent to me. I’ll explain why with each one. My buddy Dazee thinks I just don’t swear. That isn’t entirely true. I have been known to use a couple. Of course, people usually look at me funny because it isn’t normal for me. It doesn’t mean I’m a goody two shoes either. It just means I use other words. Well here we go with my personal list of not-so-acceptable words. And out of respect for others, some will not be spelled out.

The “C” word that refers to a woman’s body part is absolutely disgusting to me. It isn’t like other words that have been in use for 100 years, it was first used as a vulgarity in the 1970’s. It is meant as demeaning to women and I find it so bad, I cringe when I hear it. A man first used the term and that tells me it is used for humiliation. That is not acceptable for me.

Another word is tolerance. We all have to tolerate certain things in our lives. We don’t like what we are subjected to with others but that is life. I am talking about the need to teach “tolerance” of others. This term is usually used when society tells us we need to tolerate those not like us. I am specifically referring to prejudicial issues such as gay or lesbian, or race. My question is simple. Why do we not teach children acceptance? There is a HUGE difference in the two terms. Think about it. What a person does may not acceptable, but who a person is, should be.

The last word that really gets me is used far more than should be. It began as a medical term and is now used to demean others. That word is “retard”. Even typing this I am cringing. I have a personal example of how this word can hurt someone. And it all begins with a little girl named Amanda.

Amanda’s health issues had left her virtually speechless. Two strokes, viral encephalitis, and damage from a brain tumor and subsequent surgery had left her with only a handful of words and you had to speak “Amanda” to understand most of those. The thing that took people by surprise was the fact that she understood everything that was said to or around her. It also meant that words could make her cry because she understood them.

One day at school, she was in the hall talking to her brother when another little boy came up to her brother and said he had a retard for a sister. Of course my son stood up for Amanda, but Amanda started crying. SHE KNEW WHAT THAT MEANT!!!

People should stop and think before they open their mouths and insert their feet. Some say that words cannot hurt if you don’t let them. I’m here to tell you they cannot be taken back once they have been put out there. Some things should just be kept to yourself.

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