Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here we go with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos. Come on and join the fun!

Before and After (processed image)

I don't do a lot of processing with my photos. I think I know why and it's a personal one. I want to remember what, or more precisely who, I shoot in full detail. So most of the time, you will only see a crop, maybe black and white or some other color change. These shots are of my favorite place in the area. So it may look familiar, just a different angle.

Here is the before...

And here is the after...

Opposing Lines

They are everywhere! I never realized it until I started looking for them. This first one was pretty obvious.

You can even find them in nature. No that is not a fallen limb. It is still living.

And gates always have the support lines. Lucky me!

Custom Bokeh

I could NOT get this to work so I did the normal Bokeh, at least as close as I could. We requested that everyone bring real plants and not just flower arrangements to Amanda's funeral. I divvied them up amongst those of us who actually have plants. To my knowledge, this is the only surviving plant. That was almost 8 years ago and this one is still going strong. WOW!

Which pair of shoes should I wear?

If I have a choice, it will always be these. We have walked many miles together. Merrell hikers are the best.

Little Features

My grandson's hands and feet. In the middle of winter he will be sans shoes and socks.

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  1. I like the After and the sepia fence!

  2. Sweet little features! I love your bokeh!

  3. Thanks for visiting :-) I love your after photo and bokeh! See u next week at the Hunt!

  4. Love your angle of after shot and sweet little features.

  5. Love your little features shot. And the before and after is lovely.

  6. Your before and after are both beautiful !!!! (and that little tweet is cute as she flies here and there )
    and opposing lines have you found in so many different places !!!!

  7. Beautiful photos and great interpretations. How precious are those tiny features. Happy Sunday.

  8. These are spectacular. Love your opposing lines are just spectacular! That tree limb is really out of this world!

  9. What a lovely set of photos. Love the before and after. Can't wait to see your photos next week.

  10. I like your grandson's way of thinking. I hate shoes and socks too. In fact, I don't even wear socks in the wintertime. Just have the moccasin type shoes. Of which I hate to wear, but people look at you weird when you wear flip flops in the snow. I know, huh.,

  11. Unlike Dazee I LOVE socks! Rarely will you catch me without them. Even during the middle of summer! I'm weird.:/

  12. Wonderful captures!! Just love your before/after- so serene.