Monday, October 24, 2011

Tuesday Train


I finished up with school this week and have a few days off before it all starts again. No, I'm not really looking forward to this term. I think I'm getting tired of the routine. I've been at it pretty much non-stop since May 2008 with short breaks in between. The economy has really been bad enough that my Associate's isn't opening any doors right now. It's frustrating because I really want to get a job in my field. I know it will come eventually but my patience is wearing thin.

Enough of that! On with the show!

Join the train ride with me and my cohosts, The Survival Mama, and The House on the Corner. I'm looking forward to it, aren't you?


  1. Soon to be joining you on the school train. Petrified...but thinking it's the only solution. Enjoy your short break!!

  2. I know what you mean about school, although I've been away from all that for a long time. Now, I look back and wonder what it all meant, and why I did so much of it.

  3. I love how you're continuing to persevere in spite of it seeming like an endless cycle - being the eternal optimist I am, I'm betting once you get your Associate's the 'right' doors will open. ;)

    Thanks for hosting the train - at least that's not on an endless cycle! ;)

    I really should be carrying.

  4. Linked up via the blog hop!! Followed you via GFC!! I just love all the blog hops you host!! Especially the Thursday one!! I'll definitely be back for that one!!
    Have a great day!!!

  5. Thank you for hosting this! :)

    Newest follower via GFC, hope you'll take the time to follow back.

    Have a GREAT tuesday!


  6. Thanks for hosting. New follower via GFC, hope you will follow back.

  7. Now following via GFC. My other blog is Indiana Inker.