Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here we go with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos. Come on and join the fun!

Inspired by a Book or Movie

So this doesn't exactly fit the category but it's close. The town is Trempealeau, Wisconsin. You may know it better as "French Landing" in a little book by Stephen King and Peter Straub called Black House. Yes I live near there.

Brown (Paper Heart Camera prompt)

Some of the leaves are turning!

Hazy (Olivia's suggestion)

Most of the time we have hazy conditions in the distance. Too much humidity.

Coffee or Tea (Olivia's suggestion)

I live for this every morning. It is the first thought on my mind except for the other thing that my older body seems to think is the first thing. I know! TMI!!!

Linger (Olivia's suggestion)

I just can't help but linger when I see sites like this.

And next week's categories can be found here....


  1. I love your brown shot, but I have a thing for leaves.

    I love your linger shot. It is gorgeous and would definitely make me want to sit and stare for a while!

  2. Awesome, I love your linger shot.

  3. Love the comp of your coffee shot.

  4. Loving your haze and linger shot!

  5. Lovely interpretations this week. The linger shot is gorgeous as is the hazy shot. Your coffee shot is definitely cool.

  6. Great set, hazy and linger are beautiful!

  7. That last scene is definitely worth lingering at! Beautiful!

  8. These are amazing! Love your linger and brown!

  9. Beautiful photo set! I love the linger! I linger places like that too.

  10. So wow on that reflection shot. I'd linger too. Love your take on brown, although I'm not looking forward to raking this month. great series, as always.

  11. This is a great set of particular I loved you linger photo..just beautiful.

  12. I feel the same about coffee.. Your photos look wonderful this week!!