Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here we go with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos. Come on and join the fun!


So which is his better side? His right? Maybe his left? It doesn't matter. It's too cold for him to be here so he was rather lethargic and sat there while I shot away. I hope the little guy makes it.

Found Texture

Stones always have texture. The leaves looked cool too so I included them both.


This was Amanda's tray for her first wheelchair. She loved to have things on it so she was obliged. All the things you see were on there the last day she used it.


Tree cover on a gravel road is just cool to me.

The Tree

This category was a little tough seeing that there are very few trees alone around here. The upper midwest has more trees that open ground I think. This was as good as I could do.

Next week's categories can be found here.......


  1. I love Amanda's tray.

    And as much as I despise grasshoppers, that was a great couple of shots.

  2. Oh my, cover must be framed and displayed, it is superb. Great finds!

  3. Love your cover shot of those trees, very cool indeed!!

  4. Beautiful job- I'm really liking your last two shots. I hope you had a great weekend.

  5. Cover is so peaceful I just love it! I agree with others...would be beautiful in a frame!

  6. The details in your macro are terrific and I LOVE you tree cover shot. Really beautiful!

  7. I love these photos. The grasshopper one is just too cool and Amandas tray made me smile.

    I also love gravel covered roads. I love the sound the tires make as you drive over it.

  8. The contrast between your two texture shots is very interesting. Great photos.