Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Spy


Yes, it's that time of the week. My favorite time to spend with my buddy, Dazee, at Crazy Daze and Night Dreams, for our photo fun meme. So link up and share some photos. You know you want to. And we want you to join us and have some fun.


Since I have to do things a little weird, you are getting the whole breadth of my strange mind. In the first shot you see the actual contraption the kids play on. And that is my grandson. He's so cute. The next three shots are how I manipulate the shots. Can you tell I have fun?


I took this one in 1990. Yes, it was taken on a 35mm camera. This is my oldest child. Isn't she adorable?

Now next week is sure to be fun. The first category is "Just Like Halloween" and then it's "Your Choice". Come one! Let's see what you have!


  1. Cool pictures. Looks like a fun playground. and yes, your daughter is adorable. I could never get those darn 35mm camera's to work right :)

  2. Love the pictures :) and your imagination on the toys in the playground, I am always looking for ideas when camera is in hand.

    If the linky will be opened until tomorrow I will get mine posted. ...It has been one of those weeks!!! My washer went out on Monday FULL OF CLOTHES TO MAKE IT SHORT,...Tuesday they were spose to replace it (its brand new) so they finally show up today with a replacement,,,yesterday also a lady rolled into me (no harm done) but just the thought made me almost sick.

    Then TODAY WAS SO COLD OUTSIDE I didn't want to go outside.


  3. Love the artistic take on the playground... or the artistic views I guess:-) The daughter is definitely a cutie:-)