Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Spy


How is everyone this week? I know I keep asking that. Just wanting to know how the loyalists are doing. Are you ready to link up with me and Dazee at Crazy Daze and Nite Dreams? We are ready for you to link up and have some fun.

Now you know how it works. Every week we give you a suggestion for one category and it's your choice for the second. Take your photos with your phone, camera, or find it in your archives. We don't care. We just want to see your vision.

Here we go with this week's entries.

Just Like Halloween

I don't use the camera on my phone much. If I take one on there, it's usually for Facebook updates or something. So I though I would see what I could do with it this week. What do you think?

Your Choice

Since I grew up on a farm, I love old dairy barns. Where I live, they tend to repair and save them instead of tearing them down. I love that. Old silos are all over the place too. It is fun!

Next week's categories are "Tree(s)" and "Your Choice". Come on! Have some photo sharing fun! I'll see you there.


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  2. Most of my pics are taken with my phone & can also be found in Facebook:-) I rarely have my camera on me but I always think I should, it's just mir obvious & sometimes I take sneaky pics:-) Great pics you took there, the awesome thing is I wouldn't have guessed that you used a cell phone!

  3. I love your halloween photos good job. and wow, the trees in your dairy photo totally made it awesome. Love all of them.