Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finally Getting It Right

I wrote this on Monday. Since then, Amanda is home with her family. Awesome!!!

I happened to flip the channel over to CNN this morning just to find out that the Italian courts were going to rule on Amanda Knox’s case today. Why, do you ask, was I interested in this? Do any of you know me? Cause if you did, you would know I am fascinated with crime shows. I watch both true crime and drama. But mostly it’s true crime. This case was a true travesty, in my opinion.

I remember this happening at the time. It was November 2007. Amanda’s roommate, Meredith Kercher, had been raped and murdered. Both girls were in Perugia, Italy for a year of school in Europe. Amanda was from Seattle and Meredith was from Great Britain. According to all reports they got along fine although they didn’t really run in the same circles. It happens like that you know.

After a few days, intense questioning, and a confession, police arrested Amanda and her boyfriend for the murder. What happened after that would probably not happen in the United States and for one simple reason.

Although confessions happen all the time, the incidence of false confessions happens more than most people are aware. The problem in this case was that none of the physical evidence matched up with anything she claimed happened. In other words, the police here would probably have dropped Amanda and her boyfriend as suspects a long time ago.

Instead, they were convicted and sentenced to 26 and 25 years respectively. Really? That makes no sense.

They finally got it right today. An independent panel with testing and investigation that wasn’t involved during the trial overturned the murder conviction. It should never have gone to trial. Both Amanda and her former boyfriend were released shortly after. It’s about time!

I know I’m spouting but you know how I am.


  1. I was so glad about it to!! I feel like I know her! I hope she gets to recover nicely from that awful period of time!

  2. It is really sad when people get convicted of doing something they didn't do. It's even sadder when someone gets off for doing something they did do. Not saying who.