Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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Well my week has been a little weird. Not because something really bad happened but just because I think I've become a footnote. Yes, you read correctly. I am not important anymore. I'm leaving it at that. Just needed to write it.

Now I know some of you are worried about the button but you really shouldn't be. J, at Boobies, Babies, & A Blog, and I, really don't care if you don't like or want to use our button. I mean seriously. We really don't. We just want to read what's been bugging you. We know you have some complaining to do. Why do we know this? Because we always do. Why not share and commiserate together? I say the more the merrier. Come on! Have fun with it! Now let's get to my list.

Fawk You to anyone who wants to put others down. GET OVER YOURSELF AND GET A LIFE!!!

Fawk You to my favorite other topic. OTHER DRIVERS!!! STAY AWAY FROM ME!!! I MEAN IT!!!

Fawk You to cancer. Once again you have made life miserable for someone and another someone who loves them. DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOU ARE NOT WELCOME?!!? GET THE MESSAGE AND DELETE YOURSELF!!!

******AND NOW FOR AN INVITATION***************

Yes, it's another hop. A fun, photo meme if you will. I'm begging this week for people who want to share their photos. It's for those of us who are not pros at it. We really do want you to have fun with this. Each week there is one category chosen and one is the photographer's choice. Next week is Abandoned and Your Choice. Come on! Give it a shot! You can link up with me and Dazee Dreamer for all you photo fun. Grab the button below and let us see what you see. I dare you to try to keep up with us.


In the meantime, vent to your heart's content! We WANT to hear it. We NEED to hear it. GIVE IT TO US NOW AND GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST!!!

I dare you! I know you can do it!


  1. Ok I added my photolink as I do enjoy astrophotography. Far as me taking a rant today. Its always the same thing and I guess me complaining about it does no good at all doesn't even make feel better. I would love to rant out my lack I guess I just don't know how.

  2. I am late too - but I seem to be late for everything these days - Fawk to being so busy I haven't had time to blog hop...I'm going to shut myself away next week and join in!
    Nice to catch up with you - it's been far too long since I visited.