Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photo Meme!!!! New!!!

Yes! Every Thursday we will have a new photo hop that gives the non pro the opportunity to show off their talents. Trust me, for the non pro, it is heaven. I always feel out of place on some of the memes I join where a good majority of the participants are professional photographers. It is rather daunting. so my buddies, Dazee Dreamer and Names Will Not Be Changed, want to let others like us share.

Grab the button below and your camera or phone and start snapping! It will be fun! This week will have the category of "Bug's Eye View" and one category of "Your Choice". What do you see when you look through the lens?


1 comment:

  1. a new photo meme. tell me it isn't so. oh wait, I'm part of the hostess duties. Is that anything like a hostess cupcake. Ok, sorry, I'm a little on the weird side tonight. I can't even wait for thursday. I'm getting too excited.