Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Spy


Welcome all of you to the first I Spy photo meme! I am so glad you all are here. I hadn't thought of doing this because I already co-host a couple of other hops, but I love to take photos and this seems like a good thing.

I am not a professional photographer and there seems to be many professional photographers that join the hops I've seen so far. While it helps me become a better photographer, I have been told by others that they won't join those hops because of the level of photos they see. I have to admit, they intimidate me too and I'm not easily intimidated. So my goal here is to let those who don't take photos for a living have a chance to share theirs without the fear they will be criticized, or worse, not have anyone pay attention at all. This is their hop.

The rules are simple. Each week there will be two categories. The best part is that only one will be chosen or suggested. The other one will be of your choice. Any of these can be archived, altered, or taken by a phone. It is entirely your choice.The only thing I ask is that it be taken by you. We just want to have fun here and share photos. I will try to keep the prompts fun and if you have any suggestions for categories, please let me know. I am open to all suggestions for that. Trust me, my brain needs all the help it can get.

Now are you ready? I'm looking forward to seeing the vision you have looking through the lens.


I love the look of weathered wood. I am fascinated by it actually. I can't seem to get enough.


Are you beginning to understand more about me now? Yes, I like old, weathered, out of the way places and things. I found this old road a little ways from here. I was in the clouds on this drive.

Next week's categories are.....Bug's Eye View and Your Choice.

I know you want to. Share your vision!

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