Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Spy


Hello everyone! Spread the word! We are having so much fun everyone should join! And because I said so. So pay attention!

I am not a professional photographer and there seems to be many professional photographers that join the hops I've seen so far. While it helps me become a better photographer, I have been told by others that they won't join those hops because of the level of photos they see. I have to admit, they intimidate me too and I'm not easily intimidated. So my goal here is to let those who don't take photos for a living have a chance to share theirs without the fear they will be criticized, or worse, not have anyone pay attention at all. This is their hop.

You can join up with Dazee Dreamer and yours truly to enjoy some photo fun.

The rules are simple. Each week there will be two categories. The best part is that only one will be chosen or suggested. The other one will be of your choice. Any of these can be archived, altered, or taken by a phone. It is entirely your choice.The only thing we ask is that it be taken by you. We just want to have fun here and share photos. I will try to keep the prompts fun and if you have any suggestions for categories, please let us know. We am open to all suggestions for that. Trust me, my brain needs all the help it can get.

Now are you ready? I'm looking forward to seeing the vision you have looking through the lens.


My buddy Dazee gave me the idea for this one. She should be proud of herself now!


This actually came from a set of photos I was doing for another photo hop I participate in. I didn't use this one there but saved it for you. The category was low-key photography.

Now next week's categories are "Bench(s)" and "Your Choice". Come one and join the fun!


  1. Nice choice for the lamp picture, it has a great look:-)

  2. That's a sweet lamp! Oh and I'm totally in love with your back ground.

  3. I was to late to join in this week but I am so there next week! Off to go hunt for benches now. OoO this is going to be fun!

    Love love the lamp by the way.