Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Spy


I thought that this week I would share a link that might interest some of you. I know if you are not a professional photographer you probably don't have any photo editing software and you most likely do not have the exorbitantly priced Adobe Photoshop. Well I don't either. What I do have is Photoshop Elements 7 and another free one called Photoscape. Both are excellent but the Photoscape is free. It has easy cropping capabilities which can make a great photo stunning. So if you need something that can make a photo black and white or you just want to crop the photo, go here and download the software.

In the meantiime, join me and my buddy Dazee Dreamer for the most fun you can have sharing photos.



I shot this one through the screen and everything of my bay window. Picture this.....You're working on some school stuff and it sounds like someone is trying to mess with your mailbox. You stand up, look out the window but your mail person has not been there, you have a squirrel trying to stash a nut in your mailbox. This is where he was by the time I got the camera. We have weird squirrels here. Can you tell?

Next week's categories are "Sign(s)" and once again "Your Choice". Start snapping and join the fun!


  1. Great pictures. We have a ton of squirrels, they drive me nuts sometimes... so much so I'm always amazed they aren't trying to catch me & put me in a mailbox for their winter snack... or maybe they are....

  2. Awesome shots as always. I love the stone bench. I want one.

  3. I wish I had photoshop. I use for all my photo editing needs. love it!

    What a fun little squirrel, maybe he thought you needed more nuts in your daily life.

    I love the edits on the benches!