Thursday, September 8, 2011


BWS tips button

Right now my life just sucks. I know there are people out there who feel I should just get over it. My problem is simple. It has to do with money. I have none. There is news for the blog though. Look below for info!

For those of you who are worried about the button, J, at Boobies, Babies, & A Blog, and I, are just fine with using one of ours, or not. It's your choice. We really don't care how you join. We just want people to join and vent. Everyone needs a place that's safe for them to do just that. We want to give you all that safe place. This is it!!! How hard is that? Here is my list. And, yes, I know life should be good all the time. Not really, but it sure sounds nice. Now what do you have to say?

Fawk You to...............(Fill in the blank). If you can't figure it out, then you don't understand me at all.

Fawk You to anyone who wants to belittle me or make me feel as though I don't deserve to have anything. I HOPE NO ONE MAKES YOU FEEL THAT WAY.....EVER!!!

******And now for the blog news***************

Yes, I'm starting another hop. A fun, photo meme if you will. It's for those of us who are not pros at it. We just want to have fun and not be overwhelmed. Each week there is one category chosen and one is the photographer's choice. Next week is Bug's Eye View. You can link up with me, Dazee Dreamer, or Names Will Not Be Changed for all you photo fun. Grab the button below and let us see what you see.


In the meantime, vent to your heart's content!

I dare you! I know you can do it!


  1. I say a great big fawk you to not even realizing that it's going to be Friday in a few hours until just a few minutes ago. This has been one fawked up week!

  2. I'm sorry your life sucks right now :( I'd offer you a cookie but I haven't been able to afford groceries in a month. So just imagine me handing you your favorite cookie. :) I hope things get better for you soon.

  3. Fuck that piece of crap garbage!!!!! Yeah, I said it.