Friday, September 16, 2011

Emails and Attachments

What is wrong with a school that teaches online and they cannot find attachments on emails? I mean, really. I have just about had it with my school this week.

My funding had to be redone as they do every summer. They are getting ready for the fall semester so all of us have to resubmit all our financial documents, specifically our previous year’s taxes. So far this week I have submitted them about six times. Why, you ask?

It appears the school has a problem with their fax and email systems. It seems that even though I have a confirmation fax that states all five pieces that I faxed were received by them, they are missing two of those. Then I tried emailing them the next day. They still said they were missing two pieces of information. Keep in mind that this time it was two different pieces, but I still had to resubmit them.

So I sent out three emails to three different departments and they are still asking me for more stuff that did not come through. WTH??! And I was just interrupted by another call from them for a corrected form that they should have known needed to be done differently, let’s see………ABOUT A WEEK AGO!!! Now all of a sudden it is imperative that I get this done before end of business?

No, she decided I could do it over the weekend because it was so late and she was leaving soon. WOW!!!

None of this would bother me so much except for the fact that every time they request info, there is something they don’t get. This same scenario has happened every single time they have asked me for information over the last few months. And when I say every time, I mean EVERY TIME. You should see my emails from them. Someone finally admitted they have been having issues with it lately and they are looking into it.

Do I completely believe them? We shall see. If it happens again, I won’t. But I’ll give them ONE MORE CHANCE BEFORE I GO BALLISTIC!!! They have been warned.


  1. good hell. they need a new system. that is no way to do a business/school. the rat bastards

  2. Sounds all too familiar. When doing my daughters financial aid papers the same damn thing kept happening to me. Finally I just snail mailed them all of it priority mail so someone would have to be there to sign for it and had the proof that they received all of the information. Ya gotta love it when those responsible don't take responsibility and put it all back on us. I probably would have already gone ballistic on their asses.