Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Now I Have to Go to Class

Yes, that is right. According to the unemployment office, I now have to attend some job seeker seminar. My question is what good will it do if there are no jobs to be had? I have been all through all the job boards, the paper, and I’ve talked to a lot of people. There are no leads for anything here. At least none that I’m qualified for.

You see, I have an Associate’s but not a Bachelor’s. And that isn’t all that’s a problem. I have my resume on Monster, Jobsnow, and CareerBuilder. There are employers out there that scour these sites looking for just the right person. Do you know who I’m getting calls from? INSURANCE AGENCIES!!!

I have two, count them two, jobs in the last two years that I failed at. They were call centers that required selling $5 add-ons for a cell phone company and a company that has landlines and internet. I FAILED AT THAT!!! WHO WOULD THINK I COULD SELL INSURANCE?!!?

The other jobs available are doctors, nurses, and other positions that require specific training along with a Bachelor’s. So when I say there isn’t much, I mean there isn’t much. And I’m getting calls from insurance companies.

Do you think the unemployment office expects me to take an insurance job just to get me off unemployment? I sure hope not because sales are not my forte. This seminar better be worthwhile.


  1. god, they suck the life out of me. Just go, play their stupid ass game. rats.

    PS: I would for sure push a certain someone off that cliff for you. :)

  2. Oh I hate sales! grrrrr! And I hate being made to go to stupid, waste of time classes! But if I were there I'd go with you, cause I'm just that cool. Well I could use a job too actually. What in the hell did I just say?!?!?! But I would go with you :)