Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm Tired

I’m tired of people who think they are just the best there ever was. I have more than one of those kinds of people in my life right now and I am so sick of it. I’ve always felt that we should give people a chance if they’ve wronged us in some way. Give them a chance to start acting like they are real human beings who have real concern for others. When do you stop giving them chances?

Well, I’ll tell you where I am right now. I’M DONE!!! This morning was just another slap in the face. You can only call me worthless so many times and still get anything you want from me. I will NOT be your doormat and you need to realize that I am not this horrible person you think I am. There are a lot of things about this family you are unaware of and I’m not the worst one here. GET OVER YOURSELF AND REALIZE IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

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