Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Don't Think Anyone Noticed

In the right column of my blog is a really cool little gadget that counts how many times someone comments on my posts. It will go back a month, a year, or I can pick a month. I used to have an award for the person who commented the most but I got so busy with work (at the time) and school I got a little behind on it. And since no one asked about it, I figured that no one cared much. But I have to make my own little comment about it for everyone out there.

Miss Dazee Dreamer is my most faithful reader and commenter and I have to acknowledge her. She is just amazing! Not only does she think I’m okay, she has the most fun blog and I never seem to say that enough. She writes, she post photos, she comments on everyday life, and she joins our Fawk You Friday meme religiously.

If you haven’t read her, I am commanding you to do so. Go there now and prepare to start laughing your you-know-what off. Cause I promise you will be.

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