Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Disagree

I know some of my conservative buddies will probably disown me when they read this, but I feel the need to say something. So here I go.

Stop blaming Obama!!! What I see is ridiculous! The big crisis came in the summer of 2008. Who was in office then? Why did we have such a problem with our banking system? How much money was going into the military (and still is)? Who made that happen? How did all the big shots in the financial world decide they could make shaky deals?

To start with, Clinton left us with a surplus. Spending was under control and we did not have all these foreclosures going on. Between 2000 and 2008 we went from that surplus to a major banking crisis. Foreclosures were on their way to an all-time high. Obama was NOT in office then.

That may have had something to do with deregulations that were put in place by Bush. He also managed to get us into two wars in two different countries with all the spending that is adding to the deficit. The major financial crisis came during his administration and he did nothing. He just left office after eight years of driving up spending and deregulating the banking industry that Obama inherited.

We cannot undo in three years what took eight years to accomplish. This crisis happened during Bush’s administration. Not Obama’s. He just has to take the crap for it.

And don't think I'm a bleeding liberal. I am not. I am somewhere in between. I just want everyone in Washington to suck it up and DO WHAT'S RIGHT!!! Not what the "party" says to do. What a copout!!!


  1. you are exactly right!!! now how do we get the twitter thing on our blogs?


  2. I think this country is fawked, regardless of who's getting blown in the Oval Office. (Not that Obama has done much worth mentioning, but that's just my two pennies.)

    Our ship is definitely going down!